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A Guide to Understanding the Outdoor World


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This web site is intended to increase the enjoyment of the out of doors by explaining the science behind many of the things you experience and see. I have tried to strike a balance between technical rigor and approachability. As much as possible the site steers away from subjects where excellent coverage already exists. Much of the information one reads about the subjects below in popular outdoor oriented publications is either incorrect or suffers from incomplete understanding.

Work on the site is just beginning. Additional material will be added over time, probably in bursts and spurts. Click on any of the links to the left.

John Walton, December, 2013 

walton "at" utep "dot" edu



If you enjoy this site please contribute to a wilderness conservation organization of your choice such as the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance    

Other Useful Sites:

The Zen Backpacking Stoves website contains explanations of different stoves and fuels. Which of the several alcohol fuels is best? What is the energy content per unit mass of different fuels? How do different stoves work? Highly recommended.

Backpack Gear Testing by Volunteers (BackpackGearTest.org) contains useful information about all kinds of camping gear