Wednesday, December 31, 1997

Coyotes call out first dawn light about 6 AM. Light stove to get hot water for oatmeal, hot chocolate, and hot tea. Watch sunrise just after 7 AM. Sunrise is beautiful.

Because of the pulled muscle I hike to a jeep road and along it to crater number seven. This is near the main road along the US/Mexico border and some cinder mining has occurred along the edge of the cone. The abandoned mine exposes the geology. Its all cinders except for the first few feet where calcification has occurred.

Walk down NW side and see small lava caves in the arroyo. Head for neat looking erosional features. There are nearly horizontal layers of whitish rock. Must be white ash. Follow the drainage down then back up a western branch heading towards Guzman's Lookout Mountain.

The geology has changed completely and has taken on a sort of Southern Utah look. The dry streambed leads up to a where there's a natural tank holding about 3 feet of water at the bottom. This is a ~20 ft waterfall when the stream runs dropping off a cliff into the tank. I later find out that this area is a Maar volcanic area where the lava became explosive. After the explosive period the cinder cone partially filled in the explosive area.

Walk out to the main road. Brew tea, listen to tunes, read.