Guadalupe Canyon


Day 1; December 30, 1998

Camp on First Night

Looking East at Animas Range from Camp

View Looking West

Looking Down into Guadalupe Canyon

Looking Down into Guadalupe Canyon

Guadalupe Canyon

Guadalupe Canyon, Metate

Water flows down the canyon and along the canyon walls both above the ground (surface water) and below the ground (ground water). Flow is about a gallon per minute as exposed at a bedrock outcrop.

Second evening camped on sand bar along creek.

Third Day, Hiking Along Guadalupe Canyon

Following pictures were taken in early morning when the canyon was in shade and do not do justice to the scenery.

Notice White Flood Line on Rocks


Seeps in Canyon Wall

Small Dam

Small Dam and Grass

Narrows from Below

Narrows from Above - I'd like to see this during a runoff event!

Grass so thick its hard to walk through!

Bunk Robinson Spring - This thing was full of the strangest, most colorful, waterbugs I've ever seen.

Fourth Day; Side Canyon Above Bunk Robinson Spring

Old Trough at Indian Spring

Rock Formations Above Indian Spring

Looking Back Down into Guadalupe Canyon

Indian Springs