Pictures From the Alamo Hueco Mountains BLM Wilderness Study Area, New Mexico

This is one of the nicest areas in New Mexico and deserves better protection. Unfortunately it is becoming a victim of the smuggling/Border Patrol scenario. The Continental Divide Trail has a southern terminus near this location.

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Here is a generic small arch.

Euclid arch is balanced on one point of rock.

A balanced rock guarding a small slot canyon.

Parts of Wood Canyon are fairly spectacular.

In this picture a bridge located across the canyon is framed inside a small arch.

This is the bridge hidden inside the arch above.

View looking out of bridge.

One of the faces in Ghost Rock.

View of Pierce Peak. Notice light shining through arch and small butte on lower left.

View through arch in Pierce Peak. Notice same butte as in picture above.

Big Hatchet Peak in background.

Top of Wood Canyon. Notice the quality of the grass in locations where cattle cannot find access.

Two caves.

Upper Wood Canyon.

View looking through an arch.

View through an arch facing West.

Arch looking into Wood Canyon.


Another view of Wood Canyon.